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Bilsing Announces New Compact Shifting Gripper for the Pressroom

Bilsing Automation has announced the availability of a new feed gripper with extension capability for use in 2- and 3-axis transfer press lines as well as destacking applications. These new aluminum grippers weigh only 2.27 lbs. (1.013 Kilos), making them about 13 lbs. (6 Kilos) lighter than competitive products. This enables faster transfer movement speed...

Bilsing Automation Announces Spring Suction Cup Holder for Automated Racking

Bilsing Automation has announced the availability of its spring suction cup holders the offer high precision during high speed lateral operations such as automated stacking in the pressroom. These spring assemblies are used with gripping systems and robot arms, helping adjust to variation in height by providing consistent cup pressure when picking up each panel....

Bilsing Automation Offers New Lightweight, Compact Single Pipe Robotic Tooling

Bilsing Automation has announced new single pipe tooling for robotic applications featuring quick release connect and disconnect couplings and bayonets. Appropriate for cold and hot stamping, as well as other automation applications, this tooling is easy to configure, has a compact design to minimize collisions and has many Industry 4.0 features including numerous electric signals,...

Part-Handling Choices for Advancing Automation

When talking of automation advancements in manufacturing circles, software, controls and robotics often take center stage. However, how about the tooling necessary for transferring parts to and from forming presses? "The material from which such tooling is made can be a game-changer when it comes to automating part flow", says Tom Garant, general manager of...

Bilsing Automation Announces Enhanced Carbon Fiber T-Booms at FABTECH

In booth #A1307 at FABTECH 2019, Bilsing will display its enhanced carbon fiber T-boom tooling, which includes a 15% increase in carbon fiber (CF) stiffness as well as modifications to the profile for easier joining via the company’s special fastening technology. By improving the stiffness of the tool, there is less vibration and deflection for...

Bilsing Automation Launches New Website

Bilsing Automation has announced at FABTECH 2019 its newly designed website at to promote its tooling systems and services. The new site reflects Bilsing’s brand colors and look as well as featuring a larger product gallery and more videos as compared to its last site. Additionally, the site is available in German and English.

Bilsing Automation Announces Next Generation Carbon Fiber Tooling

Bilsing Automation has announced its next generation ultra-high modulus pitch carbon fiber composite tooling featuring 15% stiffer fibers for increased strength and less deflection. Potential composite tooling applications include crossbar beams, loading and unloading beams, destacking beams, panel loading t-booms, and tooling supports for the body shop pressroom, injection molding and other applications.

Bilsing Automation Offers Complete Transporting and Gripping Solutions for Hot Forming

At FABTECH 2019 in booth #A1307, Bilsing Automation is highlighting its line of beams, grippers (clamps), vacuum cups and couplings designed to withstand the high temperature environment of hot forming, which is being increasingly used to process today’s lightweight, advanced steels.

Bilsing Automation Expands Capability with Bilsing Werkzeugbau

Bilsing Automation GmbH, a supplier of automated tooling, has announced a new Bilsing company, Bilsing Werkzeugbau GmbH in Iserlohn, Germany. This new company expands Bilsing’s capability into the design and manufacture of complex dies/tools such as heat and acoustic shields for cars.

Bilsing Automation Announces New Facility in Spain

Bilsing Automation Ibérica SL, a leading supplier of automated tooling solutions for the automotive pressroom, hotforming, bodyshop, injection molding, hydroforming, packaging, fabrication and other applications, announced its move to a new facility at Pol. Ind. Can Roqueta 2, Calle Can Lletget – Nave 2, Sabadell, Spain.

Bilsing Automation Announces PSB-20 Grippers with Double Blank Detection for Hot or Cold Stamping

Bilsing Automation has expanded its family of PSB-20 pneumatic grippers (holders) to include versions that can detect the presence of double sheets of metal for both hot forming and cold forming operations. The grippers are equipped with a digital- and analog-readable sensor that inspects sheet thickness.

Bilsing Automation Introduces New Hot Forming Gripper at FABTECH

At FABTECH 2019 in booth #A1307, Bilsing Automation will feature its new PSB-20 pneumatic grippers featuring a heat protection shield designed to withstand the high temperature environment of hot forming applications required to produce B-pillar, C-Pillar or Roof frames, for ample. The PSB-20 can handle workpiece temperatures of up to 1000o C. They come with...

Bilsing Automation Relocates North American Facility

Bilsing Automation North America, a leading supplier of automated tooling solutions for the pressroom, bodyshop, injection molding, hydroforming, packaging, fabrication and other applications, has announced its move to a new facility at 20220 Cornillie Drive, Roseville, Mich. just down the street from its previous location.

Expansion of Bilsing Locations

Due to growing customer requirements regarding short delivery times as well as the need of business area expansion, 4 locations were developed in 2018. All of them were completed and moved in, in the course of the financial year. All of them were completed and moved in, in the course of the financial year. Beside...

Laser Hardening & Additive Manufacturing

With the use of mobile laser-hardening robots and the use of an adaptive laser head for additive manufacturing, BILSING expands its production range. This investment will allow tools or other instruments of any size to precise curing and thus make the tool more durable. The robot's mobility allows BILSING to optimize added-value process because all...


The new AsiaBLECH 2016 (before BLECH China) takes place May 11-13 2016 in Suzhou International Expo Center, China, and BILSING is presenting the latest innovations for the Asian market on a 25 square meter booth. Focusing solutions for the high-speed press lines as well as other manufacturing lines, BILSING shows new systems and services to...

Dual Training at Bilsing

Within an interview on the exhibition W&I at the university of Siegen, our dual trainee Alex Vollmers informed about his experiences with the dual system at Bilsing as well as his duties while the on-the-job trainings. Each year Bilsing offers new jobs as a dual student in Mechanical Engineering or Mechatronics. See the full interview...


Bilsing will present the newest innovations on the AUTOMATICA 2016. The leading trade fair for industrial automation is a 4 day show that takes place in Munich from June 21 - 24, 2016. Together with several other companies, Bilsing will show their new products and systems for optimized manufacturing in hall B6 on the community...

Bilsing Trainees 2015

On Monday, third of August two new trainees started working for Bilsing Automation. Within 3 1/2 years the trainees become specialized in mechatronics as well as tooling installations. We wish them a good start in our company!

BILSING meets Prime Minister

On 22nd of April, 2015 the prime Minister of Nordrhein-Westfalen met the new plant of Bilsing Automation in Kunshan (China) during the official opening ceremony of the German Industrial Park, in which more than 100 global companies are producing. Other guests of the ceremony were the governing mayor Mr. Lu Jun as well as the...

We optimize your Manufacturing Process

For multiple-step forming processes the supply of boards, the forwarding of work pieces from one tool to the next and the dispensing of the completed forming parts from the forming process must be meticulously coordinated. This synchronization of parts- and tool movements in the press can usually be performed during the adjustment- and activation phase;...